The Night Before

As I read Mark 16 this evening, I began to wonder, what was the conversation of the two Marys and Salome? Were they sad but honored to have known Jesus? Were they keeping busy by preparing to anoint His body the next morning and in doing so keeping their minds focused on something other than His death?  It is all hard to imagine but scripture clearly shows that even during their time of despair and grieving they made preparation for the next day’s task.

As they approached the tomb, Mark 16:3 says, they were discussing who would roll the stone away from the tomb.  We are then told that as the three looked up, the stone had been rolled away.  They had been faithful even through their grief and showed up the next morning ready to anoint the Master’s body with spices. Even though they were not fully prepared, they took the necessary steps to be there the next morning. God provided and praise be to Him that the stone was rolled away.

Do you ever get caught asking, “who will do this or how can this happen?” Just like these three, I often find myself feeling the tug of the Holy Spirit but doubt that I can complete it. What I find though, is that He remains faithful. He removes the obstacles and He accomplishes His will with or without me. I have decided that I want Him to do things with me. I want Him to use me. I want to be obedient. What a beautiful picture of the open tomb. Not only was the stone rolled away but the tomb was empty!

As I prepare for Easter 2014, I’m thankful that he still rolls stones away but even more thankful that the tomb is empty. Because of the empty tomb, broken lives are still mended, addictions are broken, relationships are mended and all who turn to Him have hope. So, the question is not what were the three thinking the night before but rather what are you thinking the night before. Where will you be tomorrow. As for me, I will celebrate that the tomb is still empty and I still believe that all things are possible through Christ Jesus. May you experience the greatest Resurrection Day yet. He is risen! He is risen indeed!


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